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Reviews for "2015 Halloween: Escape From The Children"

Lever and Bear Hunte medals may be bugged. Beat the game twice in a row with out so much as looking at the lever, no medal. Completed the bear game without missing any twice, no medal.

Shuinvy responds:

The model of the both types should be reached by clicking the lever and catch the bear many times, not just click one or catch one time.

Please make sure you click the lever 10 times or more and catch the bears more than 20.

This wasn't too bad. It was just short. The Frank part was a bit of a stretch but overall not too bad as far as these escape games go. The mummy part was a little touchy. You had to click just right to get the wrap to move correctly instead of just snap right back into place.

Shuinvy responds:

Thanks for your advice and opinion.
It's too late to thought puzzle for Frank because his puzzle is the last one I arranged( as puzzle for mummy is the second-last.), so I may think too few for the hint of those two puzzles.
I spent too much time in the little witch and the pumpkin( and thought about how to random the puzzles :P), I now so sorry to Frank and the Mummy~(Since I like Frank so much)
I'll try to more strict for thinking the hint of the puzzles next time!
Still thanks for playing my game!

First. You need improve dude.

Shuinvy responds:

Sorry, I don't know what you mean....

If you can give me some example I should improve for what, I will try to improve.
Thanks for playing my game!

No mute button and an extremely annoying and loud music ... oh yea, that sucks !!

And what ever i'm supposed to do to get the mummy free doesn't work. 6 hot spots but no effect ...

Shuinvy responds:

I update the file with mute button now, thanks for your advice.
The hint of the mummy is in a book, good luck!