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Reviews for "- Crunk Piano -"


Hey your a sweet beat maker too man but I need help with my raps XD people keep makin fun of me cuz my voice it's so mean I can't help my voice aint completely changed but yeah I made new songs if you wanna check them out AND WHY DON'T PEOPLE LIKE MY FAT AND PLUMPY SONG IT PWNZ ight cya man


the piano got a nice melody
and the whistle is at the right place
nice drums they go with the melody, but i dont know they could need something more
i dont know what they need maybe its just me but that wont be a problem, they already good

overall it sounds hot it got a lil horror feeling

keep up the good work man

Greeksta-69 responds:

thanks man i appreciate this review from a talented artist such as your self, keep checking me out more to come.

good work man

I liked dis a lot (all 10s) so u get my download. It sounds like music my dad would playin his car, n he sometimes has good music n sum times bad, dis is 1 o da good 1s. Ima show him dis n c wut he says. 5 from me homie,
Keep it pimpin'
BN out

Greeksta-69 responds:

thanks lil buddy we will get this collab done soon so dont worry bout it. thanks for the review once again.

this shit is nice as hell

Very nice bro lol thats all i can say this shit is real nice

Greeksta-69 responds:

thank you man and nice to hear from you again i thought you were gona anways thanks for the review i appreciate it