Reviews for "Evil are the Dead"

no upgrades...? eh.

mousebreaker2009 responds:

We would have loved to have put upgrades in, but we tried to make this game in 3 weeks in time for Halloween. If you liked the concept - let us know and we will try and do a bigger game along the same theme.

Cool thanks

Oh come on, this game format is old and nothing more than a cookie cutter of other games from the mid 2000's on up. I was really hoping for something much better.

mousebreaker2009 responds:

We made this game quickly as a bit of fun for Halloween. If you liked the idea, let us know and we will look at doing a bigger game on the same theme.

no updrages, just one start one game...but it's a nice game

mousebreaker2009 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it - we will look at doing at including upgrades if we do a bigger version.

Overall entertaining for awhile, but then dies off pretty quickly.

Few things.
1. Upgrades, they make a game more playable and longer lasting especially in a how long can you make it style game. Plus it gives you a sense of earning and working toward something.
2. Delays in shooting. That is REALLY annoying I go to shoot and have to move because it's gotten way to close since the thing wont fire at my click.
3. Chainsaw hit box. I have no idea what it is, but it's quite annoying when i have it going and all the sudden im losing HP because it grabbed me magically.
4. Not even sure what saving the running up humans do mainly because you can KILL THEM. It's kinda hard to get a zombie and not kill the person who just runs into your shotgun blast or chainsaw. That kinda is derp.
5. Drops are oddly uneven, I had most of the time I was out of shells and needed HP, do you get those? Nope. Here is more Gas for the chainsaw.

mousebreaker2009 responds:

Thanks for your feedback. We made this game quickly for Halloween.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and we will look at adding upgrades in the next version.