Reviews for "Evil are the Dead"

needs improvement. like an infinite chainsaw or allies. maybe a story

A pretty addicting fun evil dead themed game. It didn`t move very fluently but otherwise it was pretty good.

Seems pretty good. The only issue I had was that it seemed easy to accidentally hit a survivor when they got close to you but not too close that they'd touch you.

Seems super clunky. The movement is jerky and locks up, the attacks are delayed. Not sure if it's just me or if more are having that issue. Can't rate it very high because of the poor gameplay unfortunately. Better luck next time, perhaps you can refine this a bit more?

i have no idea why but i can't play the game, it loads but when i click start the sound effect happens then nothing and when i click how to play or credits it works idk, but i can't play this game.

mousebreaker2009 responds:

Really sorry about the issue we encountered, but we have fixed it now. (You might have to recache the game).