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Reviews for "Da Best Gaem"

Um......For Some Reason I Dont Get It........Good Game Anyways!

9X74 responds:

Thanks bro! :)

I think game needs new graphics :)

Sprites has low contrast, background is too bright.
I like game dynamics and music. Hero face is ugly, but has live animation.

9X74 responds:

Haha thanks, never been much of an animator tbh. :)

Yeah, the colours are a bit too intense and... I don't know if it's coincidence having another game named "Da Best Gaem", like... is this the most creative name you could find for your game?

9X74 responds:

Yeah I was actually inspired by that game, and wanted to call mine: best gaem evr. But I started the project calling it the same for some reason and have no idea how to undo that.

What exactly is the appeal to typing like a drunk person? Still, an OK game.

9X74 responds:

Thanks man!

Graphics are unappealing, it's poorly drawn and hard to perceive whats actually going on.

9X74 responds:

I know, it's whats makes this game hard. :)