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Reviews for "RednGreen"

An okay puzzle game ,but the character walks very slow.

4-Cowboy critic its an awesome game and thats coming from a former gaming critic but its just too short and the switching mechanism could have been a good touch if only you didn't make its so dang laggy its kinda annoying so yeah i just rate it 4.5 sorry

This is well made, I like the atmosphere and the animations of the char. It sure is relaxing, imo bit too much: kinda wish I could run in those long corridors.

NB: X+Z is for qwerty keyboards, not a very international choice: In EU there's other keyboard layouts such as qwertz & azerty where X+Z can be far apart.

I like the simple and smooth mechanics. I even noticed I couldn't get stuck in block if I transformed in them. Although I did run into one bug...cant explain what but I could move the character. The game wasn't overly frustrating or yet it was still challenging at moments. Then again, I am naturally well accustomed to platform games.

I didn't quite understand why I was sent back to the beginning of the game after I completed a 3rd level. I was being taken back to the first level which took me to the second again and so forth. I did not feel the patience to continue the game after that.

The game is entertaining but a mute button would have been nice.