Reviews for "Zombie Town: Sniper"

Very buggy and can not be played by everybody.

Not a bad arcade game. A few moments to give her can

Fun game overall, but a few points to make it great. The lack of "music" and the repeated radio chatter got annoying. The Bullet time/slow-motion was cool at first (and gave me a better lay of the board), but couldn't find why it did it sometimes and not others, so an option to turn off would be great. The hit detection is a smidgen off. Hit some in the shoulder, and counted as single shot kill. The neck, I understand (being part of the brain stem). A different level or some progression would be nice; and adding a touch of context/story. A reason why that guy never moves? Why he's there in the first place? and why are there endless zombies literally appearing from nowhere? And maybe some wind/gravity to make it a bit more challenging? Just keep up the good work!

This could be cool, but it is very buggy - for me at least. Although I have the crosshairs spot on, the zombie is not hit. Each zombie usually needs several headshots until one registers as such.
Also, the replay function sometimes runs along a close-up of the floor and othertimes I see a tracer going off into the sky, each far off the actual trajectory.
Iron those kinks out and this can be an entertaining game.

Remember the Unity plugin is only available for a limited number of OSes. I understand content can be exported from Unity as flash though? That would make it accessible for almost everyone. Can't play it - can't rate it really. I have to give it something though so I give it a star.