Reviews for "Space Paws (Alpha 0.10)"

One of the best adult GAMES I've played recently.

Funny and witty conversations. Good quality. Good sounds.

Can't wait to see the scenes animated. It really has a big potential

TaifunRiders responds:

Thank you! We're working hard to make a great game :)

It's difficult to find games which you actually laugh with, and this one is pretty funny! I really like furries and this game has everything I like :D If this is an alpha, I can't imagine what you guys will do O_o

not enough games like this now a days so far this and the lol Summoners quests games made by Ferdafs are the only games that dont try showing everything that happens but telling people how it happens. I think a lot of people tend to underestimate the power of words to express erotic functions and such as that. I love this game so far and cant wait for the finished product

TaifunRiders responds:

Thanks for your comment! :)

Good game any everything, however I just wanted to let you know about on of your riddles (the last one). The answer can actually be 12, as he never said that any small boxes had to be shipped. If you used 12 cartons of large boxes (8x12=96) then more cartons of large boxes were sent than cartons of small boxes (8 is greater than 0).

A great alpha demo.

The riddles... difficult.
By the time I got to the dating part I remembered half of them because I really didn't want any more question thanks to yours truely...bogus ridiculupus!

Overall great game and has much potential can't wait to see full version; Rated X! :)


asshole Riddler answers:
1.) A stick
2.) d
3.) 12
4.) 11
5.) What?
6.) 12
7.) your mother!
8.) December 31
9.) Tomorrow
10.) 11
Puzzle: it ends up being a paw with 4 toes and swirls so ya
Queen's question's Answer's
1.) loryns
2.) wise
3.) manifus
4.) oranges
5.) lake
6.) 912
7.) dropofish
8.) I went once
9.) you are responsible
10.) use common sense you lazy fucks