Reviews for "Space Paws (Alpha 0.10)"

Loved the game and the art work. I liked Max a lot due to him being so helpful. I also wanted to know why Alison is constantly staring at the ceiling (is there something there IDK!!!!) I like how Roselyn looked in the dating scenes. I wish she had a sex animation or at least more pictures of the scene. I wanted to know where Alison went too she just disapeers and we don't get to see her again :( The puzzles where difficult and had to google the riddles. The picture puzzle was kinda hard but I got it after a while. The Roselyn quiz threw me off guard due to me not knowing what thing I had to remember. I would like a way to replay those moments or at least high light key words so that we know to remember those specifically. I also wish you could talk to other town members to get hints or even easter eggs! Over all the game was great, no bugs ( That I know of ), great story, loved the date scenes, and Roselyn.

TaifunRiders responds:

Thanks for your review :D
In future updates we'll add in the extra option the possibility of replaying events and CG
As we said in other replies, we'll put a "hint" in the cave to make it a bit easier.
We'll think in easter eggs (amber, a bar where you can meet people...), but we need to focus in the main story right now... :S

First off, to get it out of the way, order to 'repopulate' a planet you'll need a diverse set of genes, at least 3-4 generations, or 16/32 people, not 2. With only a pair, you'll end up inbreeding, leading to genetic mutations, usually in a bad way, unless you can somehow change your genes.

Now then, you might want to add some arrows, or anything, to indicate where you can go, in the hallway. Reasons being, it's pretty hard to figure out where you can go, unless you click around and memorize the layout. (Couldn't figure out anything besides training you stats, even though I clicked everywhere.)(Though there might be mouse over descriptions/finding stuff with TAB, I'm using a tablet, so can't.)

TaifunRiders responds:

Are you telling me that Adam and Eve's story isn't real? 0_o
I thought the weirdest thing in my game were the speaking dogs... jk ;)
Don't worry, Everything is already thought. You'll see

We didn't consider tablet devices. So your review is appreciate. We'll think about it and how to fix it

the game is good even though its just a alpha. there is humor in this game which i like, and the art is very cute. the activety animatin is fast and cute. only thing i did no like with the game was the riddles after a while when you had done them alot, it just got boring too be honest. as i said the grindig is okay, its not bad. i like the game now but i will pobely like it alot more when its done
now this is a very big request, but i would really like if there was a posebilety to play as a girl

TaifunRiders responds:

I bet you will love the final version :)
When we were brainingstorming about the project we'd have love to bring the choice of being a girl, so this was an idea we already thought
The problem is time. It'll requiere a lot of time and until we aren't well supported, it's very difficult to dedicate the time not even to create the female main character but to create all the worlds we've intention to make.
Being clear. If we have patrons you will see it, but not for the moment ;(

awesome awesome game but how do i get the queen quiz?

TaifunRiders responds:

Thanks for your review!
To get the queen quiz you have to date her in the 3 different places. Then, visit her again.
There are 10 questions. You have to answer 9 correctly. Another reviewers have posted some answers that makes you get the scene (but number 2 is incorrect though)

Abuse the grind... Give no tips... Have users right a cheat sheet in the comments... Add a time limit, you've got a winner! Oh, you did that too? AMAZING!!! *sarcasm*

TaifunRiders responds:

You're complaining about no tips and cheats in the same post. AMAZING!
I'd say that maybe you dont know what you really want...