Reviews for "Space Paws (Alpha 0.10)"

You want Cheats: there is none
You want level requirements:
15 intelligence before the quiz
20 strength to throw a ball
Now, since i gave you this much information:
-its now time to barely challenge you, you must guess how much higher than the number i give you.
40 or 40+ strength to break down the reflection.
50 or is it 55? or is it 55+ to charm the queen?

Once you succeeded in that...you need to answer 10 questions...you can go back to at least the lake and Forrest, but i did not attempt to try.
Fyi: Those questions are answered if you have been paying attention to the Queen.
Orange~912~dropofish~responsible~kiss you~

I played this 3 times today to get the End result/i wrote all my information on some notepad...
but this just seem funner to do than doing a walkthrough..because usually walkthroughs are on a website, and this is just Alpha.
Sidenote: If you only read this Review, you beat the game on the 23rd day as the fastest I have done.
Think your time limit seems to be 30 days.You could just click the save button when you raise your skill +5 preferably, is what i have done.
Since its a Alpha, This was cool. Too bad the girl that came along with him didn't do anything.Well because he was being a himself.. I'm not much of a good reviewer...
So, What you at least did well in my point of view is when the puzzle piece at least stuck a tad bit when you hovered over.

Good game any everything, however I just wanted to let you know about on of your riddles (the last one). The answer can actually be 12, as he never said that any small boxes had to be shipped. If you used 12 cartons of large boxes (8x12=96) then more cartons of large boxes were sent than cartons of small boxes (8 is greater than 0).

This is gonna be a biggy, so get ready.

First off, improve your grammar and spelling. Either take the time to better understand English or have someone go over it for you.

Secondly, fuck that dog quiz. Those questions were so confusingly worded, and went out of their way to make you guess wrong, wasting energy and possible a day or two.

Third, the puzzle. Well for one thing, don't make the background the same color as the puzzle. I lost a piece and just could not find it for a while because it blended in so well. Also, put up a picture of what it was supposed to look like. Or at least let the players get a quick glance at it. The way this puzzle is made, it's freaking hard to figure out where the edges are, which is like the first thing you do in a puzzle. Also even when you do know it, it really slows the game down so to speak. Like I played through it a few times to get the good ending, and that bit always took the longest out of everything.

Fourth, the art. The humans mostly look fine, and I'm sure you'll work on them more, but the dogs just seem kind of off. The puzzle dog most of all. Nice animation though.

Fifth, it's too soon for a pateron. You don't need one. Wait until you have a good five(Well made) games under your belt before getting a pateron, otherwise people think you are just in it for the money rather than for the love of game making.

Sixth, the H-scene. I know it's an alpha, and you'll probably add more to it, but as it stands right now it's a very sad excuse for a H-scene. It's short, you don't see a lot, etc etc.

It's a good start for sure, but you guys have quite a ways to go. Best of luck to you guys.

TaifunRiders responds:

Thanks for your review. It's very useful

-First, about grammar, we know. We ask for help to a non-native english tester. He's missed few mistakes that we'll correct in next updates.

- Your impressions about quizzes are intentionated. We mean, we wanted it to be dificult (but we didn't know it was too difficult, that's why we'll correct it). However, it didn't seem too hard to us and our testers, so we didn't really know it was a problem.

- Third. The puzzle takes around 10 minutes (some players last more some others less...). About the colours...have you ever made any puzzle of an snowy picture? It's really difficult so our intention was to make something similar but easier. About the look of the picture, you're right. We've said that in the cave there will be some hint to make it a bit easier.

-Well about artwork, it's a matter of preferences. Some may people love it, especially Roselyn and Amber. The merchant maybe can be improved a little bit so.

-About patreon. We love game making. But making a game requieres a enormous amount of free time, ideas, resources...work, work and work. It's a relation of cause&consequence. If you have support you have more time and your games becomes better. Few people have shown us confidence enough to support us at this early point. So, theses people in a few weeks will have a new version with all issues fixed and with more content. So, why can't they have an upgraded version before anyone else? They want it. And we appreciate it.
So my intention with this game is the same as all games developers. I love my job, but a job can't be done for free for ever.

Sixth. We're trying to innovate in some things but there're a few many that are inspirated in other games where that "excuse" worked fine. However, there's a story behind. We think that it's not injustificated sex by any chance. And yep, there will be a lot more to come, a lot better justificated, if that worries you ;)

Love your constructive review, sincerely. Maybe a bit hard about the score considering that it's an alpha, not a finished game, but not a matter ;)

Great start. a second play through will be required for most to see the best stuff.

1) on the quizzes, the merchant dog is a lateral thinking mother fuck. Be warned.
2) you need at least 15 intelligence to take the quiz, and 50 strength to move a rock. Take this into account, and budget you time accordingly.
3) to get to the planet, go to the bridge and click the planet. (this is not made all that obvious, just saying...)
4) the save menu is a drop down on the upper right of the screen. FYI.

TaifunRiders responds:

Very useful comment for players.

i really wish you did a walkthrough for this, i wasnt able to get any sex scene because i skipped everything she talked about, now i have no idea how to answer her quiz, this game makes me feel so dead inside, especially since i had to redo it since i got a 30 day cap, plzzzz no more quizes, but still great game ^^

TaifunRiders responds:

Glad you've enjoyed the game
The game isn't easy.We know. To do things right you have to read. However, don't worry. We're working on the difficulty. Next update will have less riddles ;)