Reviews for "Space Paws (Alpha 0.10)"

A great alpha demo.

The riddles... difficult.
By the time I got to the dating part I remembered half of them because I really didn't want any more question thanks to yours truely...bogus ridiculupus!

Overall great game and has much potential can't wait to see full version; Rated X! :)


asshole Riddler answers:
1.) A stick
2.) d
3.) 12
4.) 11
5.) What?
6.) 12
7.) your mother!
8.) December 31
9.) Tomorrow
10.) 11
Puzzle: it ends up being a paw with 4 toes and swirls so ya
Queen's question's Answer's
1.) loryns
2.) wise
3.) manifus
4.) oranges
5.) lake
6.) 912
7.) dropofish
8.) I went once
9.) you are responsible
10.) use common sense you lazy fucks

I was exploring the spaceship and then I realized that to save means to hover your mouse in the top-right corner when you are looking at the spaceship's front. There's a home button, save button, and an X. Click the save button and boom. Saved.

Nice game but training and increasing your stats is very tedious and I'd like to have more interaction.
Apart from small bugs I found while I'm in the puppy world (wut), I'd give this a solid 4.5 puppy balls wearing a bracelet out of 5.

Nice job TaifunRiders. Can't wait to see the full game.

The game as a lot going for it want to and I really want to play it when it is done.But if I where you I think would work some more in the story like why is the human home world dying is there more humans still a live.Like I said it is a great game but game good games need a good story to match with.

Good Game, I donate generously on Patreon hope to see some more of your work, you should try out Breeding Season I know one of the project leads for that game... All in all I see great potential in this game keep up the good work.

Wow,.... add an auto save if you are going to abruptly end people's play throughs. rude af