Reviews for "Space Paws (Alpha 0.10)"

Love the game, though I can't get the H ending because I didn't think those simple things were important but you proved me wrong. I really enjoyed the game, could be one of my favorites if it was finished. I'm not saying that It's not because I'm looking forward to the full version.

Why is she mad at me? Did I do something to her before I woke up in the time capsule? I'll figure it out with the edits to this game.

I kinda dislike that she is not part of the ones you can choose to be with but it's fine. In the full game she will be or friends is the best it can go?

Aw, I don't care, this is a great game that has a lot of potiential if you steer it in the right direction. I can't wait till its full. Thats the only reason it's not a five star, because it's not a full game so don't be sad about that. When Its all here, I'll give you a whole five because that is what this deserves.

So far it can only go in one diretion, somehow if you change that it would be great, I'm sure you already knew that but I just felt the need to say it.

TaifunRiders responds:

Amazing review! :)
This game, as we saidin our blog, it's not a just click-to-sex game.We want to make something different. In next updates and in the full game for sure, you will understand many things.
Alison is the main female character, so for example, she's more important than Roselyn.
I can't tell you more :)

Wow really nice game and more than the most other games just for an alpha is awesome.
You earned my respect guys, i am her since 2012 but i never saw a game with such hard potential like this pls continue and let us play your f*** nice game.

TaifunRiders responds:

Thanks a million for you review! We'll work hard in order to unveil all the potential in it.

i liked but the doors didnt work for me they wouldnt open

TaifunRiders responds:

There're 3 doors working. The other 3 are blocked till updates
If you can't open any door, try the download version in our blog and leave me a message if you keep having problems

A Stick?
Your mother!
December 31 st

Enjoy! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It's difficult to find games which you actually laugh with, and this one is pretty funny! I really like furries and this game has everything I like :D If this is an alpha, I can't imagine what you guys will do O_o