Reviews for "Space Paws (Alpha 0.10)"

not enough games like this now a days so far this and the lol Summoners quests games made by Ferdafs are the only games that dont try showing everything that happens but telling people how it happens. I think a lot of people tend to underestimate the power of words to express erotic functions and such as that. I love this game so far and cant wait for the finished product

TaifunRiders responds:

Thanks for your comment! :)

Game is interesting and fun, but the special quiz not telling you when you got one wrong is just weird. Would be nice to know what I got right and wrong, or a walkthrough for it. If anyone knows would help too. Giving it a 3 star due to the Special Quiz just being straight up silly imo.

TaifunRiders responds:

You're right. We are seeing it.
In the next update final quiz will have V & X to show you what's wrong.

We tried to make it difficult, but maybe it's too difficult if you don't read every single word of the game with all your attention.
It'll will be fixed soon :)

This is a decent alpha, however it is extremely text heavy and without much guidance (For example it took me several days to find that I could get OFF the ship). The riddles from the shopkeeper were excessive for obtaining one item. I suspect it could be seen as a premium object, but establish it as such. Improvement is needed in the grammar of the text in many places (please don't ever push your penis THROUGH someone, gently slide it into them after seeking permission and receiving it; holly crap should be holy crap, etc.).

Some improvements I suggest:
- add mute button for sounds, and music
- get a beta reader for your script (for spelling and grammatical errors)
- add textboxes over objects/characters that can be interacted with
- add shortcuts to the queen/other primary objectives on planet instead of making us slog through four screens
- adjust the amount of energy it takes to study, practice being charming (also, how about not looking the mirror to get charming, but trying out your skills on a real person- like the natives!), and strength training. 50 is excessive and wastes days that you barely have in the alpha; 30 is a better fit.
- sprinkle puzzles lightly throughout instead of slamming them all down in the same place
- for the actual physical PUZZLE, either give a visual hint (slap that symbol over the door), or better guidelines. That was a massive number of pieces to put together without knowing what it was making.
- for the quiz, a red light, an x- SOMETHING to let us know which question we are getting wrong
- for interactions with the queen, as it stands, it takes six days to finish seducing her. That's too long in a thirty day span (1/10th of your time has to be left over for her, IF you manage to seduce her the first night), and the entire extra day it costs because you must have full energy to go on the first date, even though that date will only cost you 20 energy, is inexplicable.
- improve characterizations of non-primary characters (e.g. Allison could have been in love with you, but no longer knows who you are; Roselyn could mention on a "date" that she often feels lonely and isolated as a ruler although she knows her people adore her, and so on.)
- improve characterization of your main character. Look, there's a difference between Joe Everyman and Joe-the-serious-jerk, and it's mostly down to how he treats others. He can be confused about his primary objective- except he isn't. He can fall in love with someone, or admire their physical beauty instead of just popping a boner. He can be okay with doing favors without complaining about how terrible kids are, or how hard the task is. How about our hero develops flashbacks (maybe he had a dog, maybe he and Allison were an item, maybe he was MLG PRO, maybe he was a dating sim otaku), or spends a little time once a week thinking about his interactions (tailored to which planet he's been to) or his accomplishments- give him some MEAT to his story.

Basically, you have a good START, but you need a better story to ride along through, less intensive puzzle time, and better interfacing for players in general. Keep at it!

TaifunRiders responds:

Wow! Love you review :)
Grammar was revised several times, but there’re many mistakes as you say. We’ll work hard to correct them all. English is not our mother language. If you see something wrong we appreciate every comment.
The most of the aspects you comment are already in our improvements plans.
(mute button, sprinkle puzzle’s pieces, show a guideline in the cave, an X or V in the final quiz)
The energy costs and available days were adapted to the alpha. (if charming costs 30 in the alpha we should give you 20 or 25 days instead of 30. Because failing is an option. We'll change these things in the future.
About improving characterization in alpha... we don’t want to show many things. We want to make you ask yourself: What’s wrong with Alison? Why is she mad at me?
The answer will be in the future updates. There is a nice story thought yet. Don’t worry about that :)
We’re pretty sure you will love the next updates.

Good potential to the game could also use multiple save files to help with quiz stuff like at the end of the alpha. also we need answers/walkthrough for special quiz with the girl.

TaifunRiders responds:

In future updates we'll put multiple save files. We thought that multiple save in alpha could make the game too easy... :P

Played once, got everything done and guessed all the riddles and did all the challenges. Arrived at the queen and try my luck and failed... guessed I'd need more charm...

Second playthrough, got myself 100 charm and did everything again, talk to the queen, tells me to have all my energy ;) so I go back to my ship and sleep...... the 30 days limit... GODDAMMIT!!!

I'll have it next time I guess...

It is a great game already brimmed with potential and I can't wait to see the full game, keep on the good work ^^

TaifunRiders responds:

Love you review, lol
Charming is the ability you have to train the most in the alpha.
In the best case you must train at least 11 times...