Reviews for "Space Paws (Alpha 0.10)"

when you zip up your pants so you can focus on a puzzle

Too much filler dialogue. Japanese hentai games do that because they can't show sex; you don't need to.

Review for 0.10

Yeah, this needs a LOT of work. I've mentioned a couple of things to the developer already but I'm putting them here for reference.
1) There's 2 doors in the hall that have button states but don't do anything when pressed. I would expect a prompt like "It's locked" or "Not available in this version", so is this a bug?
2) The training places don't say what they are either when you mouseover them or when you receive points. I can figure it out by checking my stats (and using logic) but it's a rookie mistake.
2b) A lot of things spend energy but you're never told how much, only that you've not enough.
3) PLEASE put on your blog about what you can achieve in each release. I don't want to spend hours trying to get something unattainable. I have finished other alpha builds and unfortunately a lot of developers forget to do this.
4) I don't understand why you need to put your ship back in orbit each time you board it.
5) Where's Allison?
6) Multiple endings but only 1 save spot? I'm hoping it's a short game.
7) That quiz was enough for me to want to blam this game.
8) Being told you don't have enough strength but not how much you need is pretty poor.
9) What's the point of accessing the cryo room?
10) Please include a skip text option. At least for replays. Maybe a keyboard shortcut to advance text too.
11) 30 days pass quickly so you need to restart the game for other endings. However, because of earlier problems, I won't bother.

That's enough from me for now.

TaifunRiders responds:

Hi! Thanks for the comment. I'll try to answer every point:
1- You're right, it would be more understandable with a "locked" sound or similar. They're just not available yet.
2-We could add the ability you're training when the "+4" (for example) pops up, so it would become for example "+4 strength". We just thought it was easy to understand because you see the guy training, but if it's not we'll probably add it.
2b - True. Maybe it's the same as the 2nd point, we just need to add small messages.
3- You can see the Milestone Goals on Patreon, and only the patrons will know exactly what we're working on every time. We'll explain it in the description here in NG when we submit an update, but not before.
4- The idea (you can see it in the Milestone Goals) is to create not just one world, but other planets too. So if we have enough patrons and we can end up working full time on this game, you'll be able to land in other planets too, that's the main reason. We know that it doesn't really make sense in this alpha, but it was easier than creating another door to go out when you're landed.
5- Secret ;) hahah jk, you'll see in the future.
6- You're right.
7- It's the first version and we're studying how people react to the difficulty. Maybe it's too much, but we didn't know before people tested the game.
8- True, it's too difficult.
9- Well.. the room exists and you come from there, so why not? Maybe in the future you'll need to do something there, but in this version it's totally pointless, it just exists.
10- You're right, but note that we're new at programming too and we have no idea how to do it yet xD
11- Maybe the problem is not the days, but the high difficulty we've talked about before. And maybe re-adjusting the energy you spend talking or training.

See you!

On the quiz, how many 2nd's are in a year you got the wrong answer. its 24 as every month has a 22nd.

TaifunRiders responds:

But it's not strictly the second one, is it?
It depends on how you understand it. For me a 22nd is not a second :)

I've completed 2, 3, and 4 endings, how do I get the first one?
Also great game!

TaifunRiders responds:

Ending 1 will have more sense when the game is finished. You obtain it if you don't try to flirt with Roselyn (so this would mean you prefer another girl).
Nothing special in alpha ;)