Reviews for "Space Paws (Alpha 0.10)"

I dont know, i might be a bit old fashion here but a length quiz isn't quite the thing i want in my Porn game.
maybe give us other options like :
If you get your Strength up you can just knock out the Guard
If you get your Charisma (I guess thats what the mirror is for) you can talk the way out of it

TaifunRiders responds:

If you want just a porn game, without asking yourself how you got there, sincerely, this is not your game. We're trying to do something different There are a lot of click-to-sex game in newgrounds. Have fun!

Like a lot of people have said so far, this is a great demo and has a lot of potential! You put it up as an alpha so I won't dock your score for something that hasn't been implemented yet.

*Good art. Roselyn is so pretty! So is Alison!
*Witty dialogue (It was their reflection the whole time XD )
*Not too easy. Challenges with puzzles here and there (con as well...)
*Good music, really helps set the feel. Really nice selection!
*Multiple themes. Spacey, but then it uses Medieval theme... I like it, and am excited to see the themes on the other planets!
*Good characters. I felt a good relationship with Max, he was more than just a generic "helps-you-get-laid" stranger with no story. Same with Roselyn, and even Amber. Protagonist seems a bit cocky, just don't go overboard and make him a douche and you'll be okay ;3 Can't wait to see Alison's story unfold!

*First off, the fucking riddles. Some weren't bad, like a stick being sticky or the one about tomorrow, but "seconds" in a year? Second what, second day? Some of them were a little too obscure I think, maybe have 3 tries for each time you start the riddles? So instead of taking 5 days it might take 2-3, going from frustrating-past-the-point-of-fun to legitimately-challenging-and-might-fail-a-lot-but-not-too-bad, y'know?
*On that note, I'd recommend leaving a bit of extra room to get a good ending. The way you have to cut it down to the wire left me with 1 spare day the next time I played, and that was when I did everything as I remembered to get the good ending. As it is, you have to know every single detail to get the good ending (which there's nothing bad about, just give us a bit of room to make mistakes in the final version please).
*Similar thing with Roselyn's quiz. I read all the text in these games so I don't think the questions you asked were at all unfair, just how I couldn't be sure which one or two I was getting wrong (thanks Zedoc, I cheated XD ).
*When I need to lift the boulder, etc. then telling how much strength I need would be nice. Quick fix, not too bad.
*Sex scene was okay, good. A little too short I think, that might be part personal preference though.

*Maybe add an easy/normal/hard choice for how many days the player has?
*I wonder if there'll be more items for an inventory, or just the rubber ball?
*Maybe go further with Amber as a possible girl/easter egg? She's cute! :3

Overall, very nicely done. I'm very excited to see the next install(/s) and finally the finished game! :D
Also, what' the piano song that plays during Roselyn's quiz? It's gorgeous, and may be the best scene-song match in the game!

TaifunRiders responds:

Thanks a millions for your review! :D
I'll tell you the same as Mindgamer (below). Reviews as yours are very appreciated for us :D

Generally, I don't know how much more can be said at this point. I do love the concept and much of this game thus far, and even as it is this has more to it than most any adult game on the site right now. I want to see more, do more, and enjoy more. That said.

It feels like there's a bit of a painful disconnect between the expected intelligence/dedication of the player, and the displayed intelligence/expression of the character. I can understand that much when our protagonist is waking up, he's an amnesiac knucklehead reduced to his instincts and desires. But after studying for a long while, training himself to be better for those around him, I was genuinely hoping this game would finally break the trend of our protagonists being purely horny idiots in conversations, led around by the dick. Step it up a notch if you know the character has a higher intelligence or charisma or both. Eloquence, restraint, empathy, seduction. I'm not asking for Shakespeare but at least not jumping around babbling about boobies.

By all means, this aspect of actual intelligence gets passed over by other adult games, usually. But I have genuine expectations of this one, and want it to be as good as it can be. So. 4.5 stars, for what it is, with half taken off for a couple grammatical errors... And mostly, a wish to push the creators of this game to reach new heights.

TaifunRiders responds:

Reviews as yours are very appreciated for us. It's easy to lose the right direction. There're users that seems to hate adult games where you have to think a little bit to have your reward. It's very important for us to see users like you that love the philosophy of our game.
We'll advance in the right direction!

The game seems to have a lot of promise, I recommend making the end quiz a bit easier, I went back and screened shot all the info for it, I suggest also fixing the grammar errors before you attract the grammar nazis, also work on the energy use thing, and possibly make the time longer, and I read the patreon, if it does become a success in support and what not, make the game long and dont have any real failure state or a real win, just things to work on also work on the human noise, I mistook the girl at the beginning for a fur, I Cant wait to see what this game turns out to be! :D PS. what is the derpy kids music, I could use it in many of my gif

Cheat sheet:
You need 15 knowledge, 50 strength and 75 charming to get the current best ending

asshole Riddler answers:

1.) A stick
2.) d
3.) 12
4.) 11
5.) What?
6.) 12
7.) your mother!
8.) December 31
9.) Tomorrow
10.) 11

Puzzle: it ends up being a paw with 4 toes and swirls so ya

Queen's question's Answer's
1.) loryns
2.) wise
3.) manifus
4.) oranges
5.) lake
6.) 912
7.) dropofish
8.) I went once
9.) you are responsible
10.) use common sense you lazy fucks

TaifunRiders responds:

Thank you very much for your review :)

Grammar nazis are totally welcome hahah! Really, we need to know where our mistakes are, because english is not our mother language and we really appreciate corrections ^_^

As we told the user shadreesden, this is the first version and we're studying how people react to the difficulty. Maybe it's too much, but we didn't know before people tested the game, so we'll work on it. About the endings, don't worry, there will be no failure ending, it was just an easy way to end the demo.

Charming 60 is enough hehe

The kids music is here: https://www.freesound.org/people/milton./sounds/162453/
Have a nice day!

What is the answers for the queen quizz ? We can't go back to see the date...