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Reviews for "Lilith's Night Fun"

Not too bad, though I feel like it should have more. As the others have said, it would be a lot better if there was more animation and options. Other than that, it is a really good start.

pretty good though she felt pretty stiff it might help if you put in some breathing animations

Great drawing, lots of toys, nice touch with the accessoires. I'd have liked more animation and more options on how to touch and play with her. Does the time mean anything? Or did I just miss that? Imo, nicely done, but could use some expansion.

I can see this being a lot better, keep working!

The game is really good animations are decent and art well, I was pleased that the game had not been so linear, so the toys that appear can insert them and use them in different places and that not only with touching them is created an animation , I was pleased that there was an option to change its position and the truth I did not like at all that after a long time filling the bar the game was suddenly closed, I was pleased to show a run or something similar