Reviews for "Admincraft 5"

LOL this is so funny just lol. Great job xD

Created this account just to comment/review (not super sure how Newgrounds really works). I used to play on this server a lot, years ago. I just recently started thinking back about all the fun I had on this server. I remember talking to Iggy a bit (and others), even seeing Ross fly around once in a blue moon. (I think this was before Ross joined GG, but I'm not certain.) I had a whole lot of fun.

So, I guess these reviews have to be helpful or something so I'll just say seeing this video brings back thoughts of some of my best experiences I can remember having on Minecraft and even the internet. Thanks!

(Also my MC username was HeManMinecraft, if anyone may even happen to maybe, possibly, somewhat, sort of remember me)


I LOVE this video, XD ( gets stuck by lightning )

I Just now figured out that joke about ross! XD Can't wait for next episode.