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Reviews for "Her Glory"


great work man! the colours are wonderful.

just fantastic

(ive looked and analyzed most of your works and finally decided to post, so this is for most of them)

very skillful and clean. i love the way you "created" your own world of characters. and i would love to see them animated and walking around.
although i dont think brackenwood would be a good surrounding, it needs to be a bit more darker.

AbominableGod responds:

yeah doing it in a darker world would be a given. I just mean how well that those animations are done and how they flow perhaps


All of your art is fantastic. Your blend of colors, the shapes, the figures, they're all wonderful.

And you could write up a world with your gods, but it doesn't have to be an animation. It could be a series of pictures you submit that creates a sort of scene. So it's like an animation without the animation, and a comic without the panels.

true blood

this is amazing
reminds me of the woman from true blood that wears a bull mask :D


my mom just walked by, its a weird moment now