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Reviews for "Halina"

Lack of shading was a bit disturbing, but otherwise it was AWESOME.
You really drew this? Cos somethimes it looked like 3d image, rendered to look like 2d.

pinoytoons responds:

i had a few refference haha . also i applied some disney like animation to this piece

Holy. Fucking. Shit. Your work just keeps getting better and better doesn't it? I have to say that, to date, this is one of your best. Sure, the animation is smooth, and the artwork is clean, but it was all the little things that did it for me. The attention to so many little details. Like how her waist and torso twist every so slightly as she goes to kneel down. How her head turns as she licks up and down. How her hair bounces slightly as she bobs. Sure, I may be looking too deep into a great clip of an animated blowjob, but I found myself almost mesmerized by how good this looked.

5 out of 5. Will fap again.

pinoytoons responds:

haha i did learn a few tricks to pull off those twist . but thanks for the review :)

3 thumbs up! wait...

is this cgi?

WOW I've got to take notes. As soon as things cool down if you know what I mean ;)