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Reviews for "Halina"

I really think that you should have done some cell shading for this, because even though it looks great as it is and has some amazing and smooth animations, it would have looked even better with some shading. Other than that, this was nice to see compared to the rest, I give it a thumbs up.

Smooth animation but the music choice was bad and maybe you could add some voices

She's quite the perfect archetype of cumdump with no self-regard tbh.
Just complete focus on the male, no personal needs and goes out of their way to ensure pleasure on the penis :P

Very well made tbh, incredibly high up in quality. A few rough edges, but it kinda has stupid amounts of effort in it going with all the different angles, acts and all that :P

Can say though, straight males ("whites" in particular) are prolly the most self-entitled in the porn fandom when it comes to content pandering xP Like, honestly, the way some ask, or rather: demand content makes even the most spoiled brat seem generous haha. Ah well. That's not too relevant to this animation, even if it ties into why said group of people are more than a bit picky when it comes to porn x3

Fellucia Blow? Is that you?
Exellent work palp! I came to see somethig nice and ended... Well let's leave it in I came.

Really, really good. I like the animation style. Really look forward to seeing m
ore of your work. !