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Reviews for "Halina"

for once i just can't review something right nothing i could possibly say could do this animation justice 5 stars is all i can give

watching* on a regular basis

Wow havent seen hentai with great animation in a while thats not zone or shad and based on an original character

Fucking legendary flash movie. Holy hell.

HOLY DAMN!!! Where do i start, at first i seriously wanted to click away this flash the moment i saw the colour palet, but damn am i clad that didn't happen. Her animation is so extremely fluidness its almost as if you have drawn over a existing real life video ( if i remember correctly that is a thing in animation) it SOOO GOOD! The length of the flash the attention to tiny details of her movement, like her biting her lip its just a feast for the eye's, the motions, the way her hand moved. But, but there is a flip side namely the background is sloppy and unimaginative, also her design is kind of meh... but that all doesnt matter because of the amazing animation. 10/10