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Reviews for "Halina"

Very nicely done, definately one of the better hentai flash's i've seen on here in recent memory. the variety in the shots and angles is amazing, and your attention to detail with the tongue work, rythm, etc etc is fantastic.

Much better then some of the hentai artists on here that resort to the same repeated frames at various speeds, this had a flow, and rythm to it. Honestly it was pretty much perfect from a scene standpoint, executed flawlessly.

On the animation itself side of things, the cum looked a bit... odd imo, not sure if it was just the palette, or what, but ti didnt look "wet" or "sticky", kinda looked more like playdough or something. Not quite sure how to fix that tbh, so take it for what it is.

Also, I know we are here for the girl, but some details to the guy would help, he was pretty much a statue till the end when he started face fucking her. I'd reccomend some subtle hand movements, like brushing her hair, or clenching his fist occasionally in pleasure. Also some subtle thrusting or arching of the back would make him seem more human/animated.

Anyways, thats just nit picky shit, this was epic. 5/5 would fap again (which is a pretty big compliment since i rarely re watch hentai animations)

She's quite the perfect archetype of cumdump with no self-regard tbh.
Just complete focus on the male, no personal needs and goes out of their way to ensure pleasure on the penis :P

Very well made tbh, incredibly high up in quality. A few rough edges, but it kinda has stupid amounts of effort in it going with all the different angles, acts and all that :P

Can say though, straight males ("whites" in particular) are prolly the most self-entitled in the porn fandom when it comes to content pandering xP Like, honestly, the way some ask, or rather: demand content makes even the most spoiled brat seem generous haha. Ah well. That's not too relevant to this animation, even if it ties into why said group of people are more than a bit picky when it comes to porn x3

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fake and gay.
only sluts that are shure to give you std's can deep throat and swallow the whole thing.
good fake video though. that's why i'm giving you 5.