Reviews for "Bite Sized Horror Vol. 2"

whell what can i say?
it was an amaizing animation
i love the art style and the horror stories short and nice
i will love to hear a voice narrating what is hapening but it will maybe ruin the atmosphere its incredible and nice job

LinkTCOne responds:

Thanks very much for the detailed review! I think it's spookier when the reasoning behind these stories is left to your imagination!

I subscribed to you when I saw your preview for the ice one, and you did NOT dissapoint.
Damn these were all really good. Cant lie either, I totally jumped on the last one.

I love the simplicity of it and the design is fantastic. Great job all around.

LinkTCOne responds:

Thanks! Glad I lived up to your expectations! :)

I love the black and white style. Animation was smooth and sound complemented it nicely. Keep up the good work!

LinkTCOne responds:

Thanks very much, and for the follow too!

It's simple, it's short, and does its job.

I love it.

LinkTCOne responds:

Thankyou friend!

Really love this! I've always wanted to do some creepy shorts before, and this is just more inspiration to give it a try sometime :)

LinkTCOne responds:

You should, doing horror stuff if surprisingly fun!