Reviews for "Super Mario Meet Your Maker"

That was so epic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy shit....well I gotta say that when it comes to the whole Mario overshadowing Luigi joke has gotten overused, I will say the sprite animation is absolutely top-notch. Like I'll say this, your art style does need improving in the anatomy department. Especially your hands as the hands on the character look a bit oversized. The character's bedroom was too light as well which made me not notice it until I looked closer. The proportions and such of the room could look better as well.

But as I said, regarding your sprite animation and even spriting, holy crap you did a great job. The way you did the character rotation with NES SPRITES no less was nothing short of astounding. The movements were fast-paced and even the effects used were awesome, too. I just love it.

As I said, proportions and anatomy could use work but if you do make more sprite animation, I'd like to see what you could cook up, man. Good job.

Not much to say hasnt been said. Great voice acting. Great transition from 8bit to 2d to even that part with actual hand. Definitely well animated and this is beyond a 5 star rating.

whell what can i say
amaizing fantastic
well done on the combat animation
the chose of a xenoblade 8bit music was fantastic
lbut luigi really exagerated he has an entire year for him that is still going
BUt this is not an excuse for the idea and fun and awesome this video was
amaizing like always

Fight sequence was really well animated, seeing mario sprites in non-standard poses is really awesome.