Reviews for "Crazy Shark Ball 2"

very addictive

Wiesi responds:

Thank you for playing!


I'm not complaining, I seriously love this this is cool. But did somebody trip on acid an saw the vision for this game? Hahahah. I loved the whole randomness to it all! The song was cool too. It was very interesting. I thought that piano keyboards on level 13(I think) were cool. Very great game, 5/5

This game makes me question my own sanity

That fucking face on the shark man. He knows you hate it when you go down a level, but he doesn't care. He has his own problems, but those problems fade away when he sees you frustrated. Watching you through the monitor. He puts on the sunglasses like its all ok, but he knows you know it's not. The shark wants you to suffer.

If hell does exist, it's this game, but you can never pass the 3rd floor, so you keep trying, thinking it's possible. You make strategies, do everything you can, but to no avail. Because there is no 3rd floor.

Only shark.

Please come back to us. your games are the best.