Reviews for "Crazy Shark Ball 2"

I dont care if its true or not, Im gonna assume you made a second version because you took all my suggestions from my review on the 1st Crazy Shark Ball to heart.

So -pats self of back- :P

In all seriousness, great job. I likes it alots. The additional levels make this game.

Addictive, very interesting how a game so simple could get me so entertained. Good job, but might I ask that maybe next time you add a mute button, I usually listen to music while playing games.

Wiesi responds:

Ok, next time I'll add a mute button. :)

this game is a milkshake that has a mixture of; simple concept, cool music, flashing lights, a time system to lighten up the concept, and ducks as points. i would really want to taste that milkshake.

colors of the game are really too bright, like for me! But the game at all is pretty interesting!

A pinball whit progession lvl? the first time i see it. very hard to find a balalnce between time and points. interesting concept. Also, nice music