Reviews for "Crazy Shark Ball 2"

Very fun addicting. Great music. Though a tad glitchy at certain parts

awesome stuff !! cheers

It's pretty fun actually :D I thought it would be a lame pinball but it's not at all! 5 stars dude!

Game was very good and enjoyable. Sometimes the most simplistic games are the best. Some amazing are work and funky music. Only thing i disliked was there was not enough time power ups, this made it hard to advance to next level.

I also found what i believe to be a bug: As the shark falls down the gap if you hit both arrows at same time the shark gets launched vertically in the air although he is not touching either lever. I found this made the game too easy, the whole point of pinball is to not let it roll down gap and this let me stop it much to easily.

Loved part one and loved this even more!