Reviews for "Crazy Shark Ball 2"

You never cease to amaze me, Wiesi. Sehr gut.

Wiesi responds:

Thanks man!

It is a good and colourful game. I liked this game because remember me a good time playing pinball on my old Windowns Xp.... Ah good times.

The game has an amazing way to do you play more and more to try beat all the levels. I'll not do this. This become hard because of this "Big Hole" is pretty easy the shark falling inside there. You smoked marijuana before making that game? Seriously. But anyway a good game and nice to play.

This game is so colourful and crazy! 5 stars :D

Wiesi responds:


There are games to kill time and there are games to kill time with style - this is certainly the latter!
A fun one with progression to higher levels (reminds me a little of 'Sonic Spinball'!) and achievements to keep you coming back for more - nice work ^^

A pinball whit progession lvl? the first time i see it. very hard to find a balalnce between time and points. interesting concept. Also, nice music