Reviews for "Crazy Shark Ball 2"

It is a good and colourful game. I liked this game because remember me a good time playing pinball on my old Windowns Xp.... Ah good times.

The game has an amazing way to do you play more and more to try beat all the levels. I'll not do this. This become hard because of this "Big Hole" is pretty easy the shark falling inside there. You smoked marijuana before making that game? Seriously. But anyway a good game and nice to play.

This game is so colourful and crazy! 5 stars :D

Wiesi responds:


There are games to kill time and there are games to kill time with style - this is certainly the latter!
A fun one with progression to higher levels (reminds me a little of 'Sonic Spinball'!) and achievements to keep you coming back for more - nice work ^^

A pinball whit progession lvl? the first time i see it. very hard to find a balalnce between time and points. interesting concept. Also, nice music

It is hard to reinvent the wheel. This definitely was a fresh take on pinball, a venerable classic arcade game. It was visually intense and the music was actually fitting the somewhat surreal nature of this game. I can see other variations to this game that would fit it like a glove such as the ability to fall into a different playing field from left to right with different "gate out" hazards such as what you get when you fail to catch the ball on the last screen and it goes down the slot and the game is over.

The thing is this game is pinball but a level up from classic pinball. While simple in nature the intensity of action can become a frustrating test of control. The timer also is a neat limitation that can artfully be manipulated. This game really deserves the props I am giving it. It is just fun and pretty wacky at the same time. Now for those of you who have not done it yet there is a end zone in this game. It does not go on forever. Once you get the hang of the game mechanics ie. the way the ball interacts with each of the flippers (and they do change and seem to have different characteristics of stickiness, length, power they can effectively flip the ball, also the size of the gateway to each level is different making having a "pattern" not as effective as it would be in other games) this game is kind of challenging but also a great time killer when you got time to kill.

Warning though, I can see this game setting off an epileptic seizure. The action and bright colors which help play-ability can also work against anyone who is easily affected by bright flashing colors and intense action at the same time. This is not "BLING BLING" Flashing lights intensive like a bad episode of Pokemon. It is more that some screen transitions happen very fast and in some games I have played I was able to hit the ball through three or four levels only to have a moment of bad timing have the ball return two or three levels just as fast. This game will test your reaction time and hand eye control for sure at least.

It may take a few plays to get used to this one but if you are into classic games and or pinball in general this is a very decent take on Pinball in general. Way to go Weisi... you got five stars out of me!

Wiesi responds:

Thank you for this great review!