Reviews for "Crazy Shark Ball 2"

Awww almost got all badges in 1 try :( Nice game!

Yes, this is better than the previous game! I guess I was just more motivated with the medals and all. I basically just had to keep pressing the same buttons over and over. I then realized there was a time limit. I did worse after finding that out! At least I got to Level 9.

I just loved how colorful everything was. There was a crapload of cool stuff going on. I loved all the brightness and sheer insanity of it. I'm so glad you're still here. I guess you won't make more sim dating games, huh?

Wiesi responds:

I will probably make a new Franks Adventure early next year! Thanks for reviewing!

A nice little game that hurts your eyes with the bright lights and causes you to nearly rage quit in a refreshing take on ping pong.

The music is nice and up, the medals are great and the aspect of getting into that tiny little gate is a challenging but possible feat that makes you feel good about yourself if you make it inside. Plus, I don't know what it is, but having a shark doing it makes it better for some reason. The shades are awesome too.

Overall, I really enjoy this game and love the way you've made it. I'd have more to say but there isn't really any critique I could give you. I hope to see more from you in the future.


I dont care if its true or not, Im gonna assume you made a second version because you took all my suggestions from my review on the 1st Crazy Shark Ball to heart.

So -pats self of back- :P

In all seriousness, great job. I likes it alots. The additional levels make this game.