Reviews for "Crazy Shark Ball 2"

OMG. <3 this game. :3

This game was so simple and fun!

Awesome Game first place-first try :D
more fun than i expected

Very enjoyable. Graphic is not detialed but it has unqiue style. I love the shark, epsecially when it's sad from falling down. Audio matches the game very well.

There some problems with balancing the game. At some point I got bored. I don't feel like getting from level 2 to 3 is more difficult that going form 3 to 4. How about making hitting pads smaller with higher levels? I don't understnad rules of getting time.

I sincerely did not expect so much fun from this type of game, you surprised me. Kinda reinvented the pinball! I loved the game, the sounds, the art, the levels idea, everything, congratulations u probably made a masterpiece newgrounds game! xD