Reviews for "The Irritatis: the road"

It's neat! Got a bit stuck for a sec (thank you bloodredlurker) with the... alpaca? but everything was easy to find, the hitboxes were well sized and game play was enjoyable. While it doesn't break new ground, it does everything very well, which considering the fact that one person worked on it is amazing, I find games made with teams of people the aren't half as good every day. Simple and clever, I struggle to find anything I could suggest to improve, solid work.

wish there was more to do after the car!! good work!!

Not a bad game. I got a little stuck for bit. Here is a guide. should be hidden in spoiler box, idk first time trying to use a spoiler box.
<div id="spoiler" style="display:none">
Collect rag from road in bottom right corner, collect rock from road bottom middle, collect spray bottle from your car trunk middle right, collect batteries from your car trunk bottom right they kinda blend in with a box, collect blank page from your trunk on cardboard box bottom left-ish, collect animal sound box from your trunk looks like top box on stack to the left, use spray bottle on windshield, use rag on windshield, collect coin tossed on ground, select animal box, use coin on left side of animal box to open battery compartment, insert batteries, call goose and llama, relax and attack goose with sound box then escape it, collect cellphone dropped from bird attack, examine paper on road for number, enter number into cellphone 35649291, throw rock at drone, collect bottle from drone when landed, use animal box to call dog/cat to make person stand, attack with llama, use blank page to collect bird poo if you haven't yet, use rag to collect llama spit from windshield if you haven't yet, collect card in road from llama attack, enter Z code into canister in back of other guys car, back out of that screen and click canister again to collect item, go to trunk and add llama spit + bird poo + ethylene glycol from drone + whiskey from canister, collect green gas/jerry can, use rag to open hood, use 'coolant', game over.
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Game play is very interesting. I enjoyed making use of the sound box to perform a number of actions. Also, irritating the old man is necessary to make progress in the game. :)

Music is nice and graphics are good!

I hope there'll be another episode.

You did code, graphics, music, and voices? Don't see that very often. And it's even in two languages!

I had no idea what a guanaco was before playing this.