Reviews for "Cursed Islands"

Love it! Even the terrible graphics! I hope you someday decide to expand upon this, because even though it was short, it was completely and thoroughly enjoyable. I really did like the shoddy animation, the one point I would daresay I didn't like, was the run away and fight buttons. I ended up running away from more fights than I would have liked to, due to the button being placed close to where I was headed on the map with my cursor, towards the end of the game.

Concordo com o regenouis..
Ótimo jogo, simples, porém carismático... Uma prova de que jogos não precisam ter uma estética ou visual bonitos!
Faltou somente o fator replay...
De qualquer modo, parabéns rzuf79

Beaucoup de plaisir , simple et directe . Excellent exemple de jeu triomphant de l'esthétique .

Seulement raison pour laquelle il n'a pas été 5 étoiles était parce qu'il manque de replay - capacité

I think the minimalist style really works, and I LOVe that it's monochrome black and white! ;) please make more like this!

really compact and nothing unnecessary