Reviews for "Cursed Islands"

I love the simplicity of the artwork and the game mechanics combined with a fun story. That was a great half hour! Cheers

"Under Judgment" review

Can only assume this is a gag game. Playable but needs work to not be frustrating.

Neutral: Game engine pauses when you click outside the game window with no option to disable.

Mute button
Humuruous opening story.
Interesting battle mechanic. I finally figured out (sort of) how it works.
Movement doesn't require constant button pressing.

Sloooooooooooww movement. Ze boots! They do nothing!
No instructions/explanations/tutorials. Movement, saving, battle mechanic etc not explained.
Can't skip opening boat travel.
Pre-schooler artwork.
The screen shakes when you win a battle but it looks like you've been hit.
Not awful but disappointing ending.

rzuf79 responds:

So, boots are only for useful for escaping the battles (they give you greater chance of being successful at running away) and have no impact on your movement speed. Sorry for inconvenience.

You know, hiring an actual pre-schooler to draw graphics would save me lots of time and nerves doing something I, as you probably realized, am not particularly great at. Something to consider. Seems cheap as weel.

As for screenshakes - fighting was really dull without them. So they stay.

Ending is indeed lazy and disappointing, and I really have to do something about it.

Thanks for taking the time to play and comment. :3