Reviews for "Cursed Islands"

Haha! this was so funny. Nice and simple but wandering around looking for trouble got a bit boring.. Fun to play though, thumbs up! (:

A very promising first submission. It has basic glitches, badly-thought out features, or the like. You obviously weren't zooming around ideaspace trying to see what you could do; you knew what you could accomplish, you decided what you wanted to make, and you made the crap out of it. It's short, the gameplay isn't deep, but it's a solidly entertaining 15-minute playthrough.

As a proponent of "function>form," I have to say that the graphics didn't really bug me. I will say that it would be worth the extra effort of animating the whole 5 or 6 frames of the boat swaying from side-to-side, though. Rotating it in flash--what's that called? "Tweening?" Yeah, I think "tweening"--just gives the boat really weird, jagged edges, two-thirds of the time. Everything else looked great, though. (Okay, "great" is a little strong, but you know what I mean...)

What did strike me as interesting was the concept of a shorter RPG. I am not particularly a fan of games that have massive game worlds that you can easily get lost in. I don't really enjoy devoting like a hundred hours to "grinding," either. It's gotten to the point where it is actually /refreshing/ when an RPG exhibits neither of these traits, as yours does.

I also liked the simplicity of the battles and the healing system; I never felt the need for a tutorial (although other people obviously think differently...)

I'm giving you a "pass" on my only real gripe--that the game is a little short--since this is your first submission, lol. In the future, I think it would be cool to have a game somewhere between this and those 100-hour jobbies, length-wise.

This is a solid 4; great work, d00d! I'll be keeping an eye out for your future games.

this is pretty great. simple, fun, and engaging. im kind of confused about what the experience does, but other than that i love this.
are there areas that have more str enemies or areas that have more magic? as far as i could tell it seemed to be somewhat even, and i'd like if i could go to one place to train one specific attribute.
i got the speed boots and was kinda hoping they'd make my character move faster instead of just increase the escape chance, because i never really ran away from anything aside from the first few battles.
i got the health amulet but i wasnt sure if it actually did anything at first. i like that it increases max life but i feel like it should also heal 2 as it does so. (for example in skyrim, boosting max hp also heals u for the same amount)
sometimes when grinding i'd accidentally click run because i was already left clicking in that location to move when the enemy popped up. im not sure if there is a way to ensure it wont select an option until it's been squarely clicked, but that'd be nice. it didnt cause any major problems for me, but if the difficulty was higher it'd be a p. big issue. it mostly happened in the little forest near the floating castle, because that's like right where the fight menu pops up.
i liked that the game wasnt too hard, but it'd be better if you made the final boss a little stronger. the enemies right before the fortress are just about as strong as the boss is, and the only real bonus he has is that he's got like 5 lives or something. it'd feel a lot more rewarding if the chances of beating him were a little slimmer and maybe you had to respawn in the village nearby after dying with a little less strength or something. i had like 35 str 37 magic by the time i was able to figure out where to get the acorn, so the battle was just a few clicks more than any other enemy.

also, the game should auto save after beating the final boss. i'd dropped like 8 from each stat because i hadnt saved immediately before the battle when i went to hit continue. it'd be really cool if there were a few more things to do in the map once you take over, like visit the towns and maybe idk fight one more big monster. i guess there's room for that in a sequel (pls??? pls.) tho.

anyways, great game. gave you a follow, and i hope to see more soon :)

Love it! Even the terrible graphics! I hope you someday decide to expand upon this, because even though it was short, it was completely and thoroughly enjoyable. I really did like the shoddy animation, the one point I would daresay I didn't like, was the run away and fight buttons. I ended up running away from more fights than I would have liked to, due to the button being placed close to where I was headed on the map with my cursor, towards the end of the game.