Reviews for "Empty Space"

Its like the Zanti Misfits all over again.

Who is more idiotic, the idiots who were fooled into boarding a ship,
or the idiots who gave the idiots weapons of mass destruction?

But wait, if the President on the planet is an idiot who didn't ensure that the idiots didn't have access to weapons of mass destruction, doesn't that mean their planet was not free of idiots? And that the president was lying to his citizens?

Oh my God that is terrible a President lying to the people he leads!
Well at least everything worked out in the end right? The planet is now free of idiots.

But... What if the alien's definition for the word "idiot" is completely different to our definition of the word "idiot". Oh my this story is very complex and full of loose ends. The conclusion to this story could be amazing! But what if the loose endings were not intentional, what if the author is an idiot?!
What if all of the viewers of this video are idiots and that we cannot perceive what it is the author wants us to perceive?


These are all questions you need to ask yourself when reviewing this content. Then again there isn't much to review, because I cannot tell what the point of the video is or whether or not the storyline is realistic in anyway, of which it could point out a subtle message of relevance.

Samination responds:

Haha. Yeah, I plan to make the series episodic. You'll learn a little more about the plan and the backstory of each character.

Reminds me of a part of "Restaurant at the end of the Universe", but I still like it!

Samination responds:

I dont know what that is.

I like thumb

Samination responds:

Thumb is a thumb.

So this is what you were working on

Will they meet Taco man

Samination responds: