Reviews for "Ice Mountain Mysteries"

A basic point and click mystery game. Nothing outstanding about it.

I like the pictures that were used and finding the paw prints was a clever idea, the knife was hard to see but everything else was cool

It's okay but I can't find the last footprint or anything to free the fox with. Not too bad.

Not bad. It took me a long time to figure out the fox, but I got there without the walkthrough. I found looking for the paw prints a bit tedious though, and, like hydenl3gend, could only find 19. Of course, without the paw prints, it's a pretty short game.

It was good. Didnt use the walkthrough but StephanieLouise's comment made me realize there was a knife in the boot. Also I couldnt find all of the pawprints either.
Besides that stuff I still liked it, wish it was a bit longer.