Reviews for "Ice Mountain Mysteries"

It was good. Didnt use the walkthrough but StephanieLouise's comment made me realize there was a knife in the boot. Also I couldnt find all of the pawprints either.
Besides that stuff I still liked it, wish it was a bit longer.

The random catches with fishing pole was not clever. I needed the walkthrough to finally realise that there was a boot to catch. The cutter in the boot was also hard to see, so if you just click boot it disappears and you have to start again fishing for boot.

Not bad. It took me a long time to figure out the fox, but I got there without the walkthrough. I found looking for the paw prints a bit tedious though, and, like hydenl3gend, could only find 19. Of course, without the paw prints, it's a pretty short game.

It's okay but I can't find the last footprint or anything to free the fox with. Not too bad.