Reviews for "Infinity Inc"

you cant stop until you complete it! very awesome game dude, i love the pixel art!
man you put some efford in the campus, 5 stars!

wow this game was so addictive and i felt that it was kinda unique and it wasnt very hard but it was challenging at times.
i had fun playing it but i guess that if u had added medals it would have been better, anyways keep up the good work :)

I loved it! Amusing, intelligent, yet not too mind-bending. Definitively my kind of platformer!

I just want to say...when a game has you instinctively killing your clones when there are often non-violent options, that is a brilliant game. You developed a killer audio to go with the gameplay, and the core puzzle solving is so fast and fluid that you often forget that you don't need to disarm every given laser (how many clones did I toss away?). Amazing job!

Excellent! Graphics were well suited for the game atmosphere. Clone idea is not new but the way you used was indeed original! Congrats! As said, few control issues with the jump function, otherwise great! 5*****!