Reviews for "Infinity Inc"

Great concept, well executed, great atmosphere, nice puzzles, good difficulty ramp, so far. The physics are a bit heavy for my liking, but other than that the mechanics fit in nicely with the level design, other than a few awkward double jump spots.

I noticed a bug where whatever I'm supposed to erase is not visible, I just see chunks of wood when i destroy them. this is pretty annoying at the lowering platform level, because every time I reach a new point I waste time figuring out where the invisible boxes are.

There is a bug: After you end up vertical escape from iup to down in next room you can go left (nothing blocks you) => if you do you will end up stuck in the wall of previous room.

Asidfe form that I have enjoyed this game very much.

Great game! Though i think i played it on other website. Glad to see that you publish here too.

Thoroughly enjoyed the game all the way to the end. Well thought out and addictive to play, I would definitely look forward to an expansion or sequel in the future.

The controls took me a few seconds to get use to, it also seems challenging at first then it gets easy, then it get more difficult again. I had absolute fun with it, keep it up dude!