Reviews for "Infinity Inc"

the only complaint i have is that jumping upwards into narrow spaces/ onto platforms that only give one block of headroom above them is far too unforgiving. the first time i was confronted with 3 lasers and a crawlspace above them, i literally made like 20 attempts to get above into the crawlspace and found it to be p. much impossible. of course i can just make clones for those lasers, but it really seemed like you were trying to give us a choice, whereas there rly was no option other than killing a bunch of the clones. this issue didnt really cause many problems until the levels that really required proper timing, where i felt like i had to make a lot more attempts than was necessary just because i was unable to jump into the areas that i needed to consistently. anyways, this is great. I'm on chrome if that makes a difference - maybe im getting lag on the inputs or something and that's why it seems like such a crap shoot on the double jumps. keep up the good work.

One of the best I played last few month.
Simple and not so original idea but so lovely and stylish created! Level art, characters, movements and sound fx - all are professionally done and juicy. Really good. Levels design is interesting and with smooth learning curve, goals are clear and I always know exactly what to do. No extra hardcore from start.
And humor is here! I love medals you did:)
So thank you for great game!

its like portal but clone machine! i really enjoy this game

OH NO I KILLED THE ORIGINAL UMM it gave me an achievement called "kill your first clone" wat!? anyway i love the game and the story!

great game but levels are way too easy