Reviews for "Infinity Inc"

Great game ! Making newgrounds medals with the trophies would be great too !

I really like it; however, I keep getting myself stuck out of bounds where all I can do is create and suicide clones, especially on courtyard. Fun game though.

Great fun! I was a little unsure about the controls at first; the fall speed is indeed a bit much, and the the double jump can be hard to execute, but everything worked pretty well. The sound effects were nice, the pixel graphics made the gore tolerable, and the action was fun. It's not the most challenging game... expect for the elevator DOWN level... but I appreciate that we can just run through this game at a satisfying clip, solving puzzles rapidly and moving on quickly. The only challenge I found was the confusion of keeping track of the button, particularly on the moving platform levels. Trophies are appreciate. How about making them Newgrounds medals?

Thanks for an enjoyble game!

Excellent! The puzzles were easy ( for some people ) but the gameplay , music and graphics were incredible ! Good job.

This is a well designed and well polished game, however I found the character's fall speed to be a bit high for a platformer. That being said, the gameplay is solid and all the mistakes made are the players. I was disappointed at the level of complexity though; I thought there would be a switch in the previous room I needed to advance, but that wasn't the case.