Reviews for "Calabozo"

I feel like that this is a actual representation of someone that does not have good abilities for society. This game actually represents a nightmare of someone that is not very well social. The method of how Essence of Hope increases your life. (represented by the range of light.) and the Despair decreases your life sounds to represent that ur life is hope, and the nightmares are actually the protagonist's despair. The knight appearance of the protagonist must represent that he could fight back against the despairs.
The fight against the protagonist itself is actually a representation of fighting a dark side, and its 10 hp points (The player only gets 3, while the dark side gets 10.) is the darkness. A evil side is something strong, as it was created by the despairs of the protagonist himself. This game also sounds to represent me, as i portray myself as a knight usually, and i once imagined that i was walking in a dungeon, in order to destroy my dark self and then afterwards choose two path. There were drinks that helped i to boost my way through, or some that hurt me.
I am not very social, so yeah, this game represented me very well, congrats, Xwolf!

Xwolfang responds:

Thanks for the great comment, you got it, the other you also represents your inability to choose between a path, either your hate of society (when it attacks you), or your fear of it (when it runs from you), and when it is defeated you can choose a way for your life and stop being lost.

Its All Right It Doesnt Have To Be A Great Game! BUT! I Love It! 5% STARZZZ!!!!!!

Xwolfang responds:

Yesss, Thanks For The Love!!!!

Best gaem evr 8/8

Xwolfang responds:


ooo fun, bit like the one about the bones... an o word, can't remember the name.. OSSUARY, that's it.

nice! a bit hard to navigate though, despite having played Ossuary. needs a save so you can go back maybe.

Instead of using the switch just go down than go left.