Reviews for "Calabozo"

I like the game, but it has some problems and glitches:
- in the first area at the bottom of the screen on the wall left of the gate, you can bypass the gate completely (as if there is a hallway at the bottom). Is this intentional?
- In the area after the nightmare prison, I found that by pressing x that you can open doors that you shouldn't be able to open (they stay open for about a second. Long enough for the player or enemies to get through). Also, the doors in the boss stage can also be opened without beating the boss.
- In the area with the rats, one of the rats in the top left corner got stuck in the wall on many of my playthroughs.
- Some of the text is incorrect.

As for gameplay problems:
- the nightmares in the prison have the ability to sometimes attack me, even when there is a wall corner between me and it, but I can't attack it in the same manner; this is very strange and unfair in many ways, especially since the area is already so condensed.
- speaking of the prison, having little objects on the ground to restrict the player's movement is annoying, not only from the restricted movement, but because it is difficult to see what is blocking the player. There's also the problem with the view being a little too much pointed down that the walls block the view of doorways.
- Why is it that I can turn on and off some the torches in the first level, but not in other places in the game?
- I like the delay in the weapon in that it forces you to time your attacks well, but the range of the weapon (the fact that I can only hit things in the second dimension when the game takes place in the third dimension) is not very good.
- there were a lot of missed opportunities for secrets with the torches. You could make a sequel of this with it taking place in a labyrinth of darkened corridors with lighting torches in certain ways (like a combination) opening hundreds of hidden passage ways.

I enjoyed the ambience, music, sounds, and the story concept. My suggestion would be adding more enemies (maybe creepy representations of people, and other stuff), more choices (to reflect the many different paths, both super dark and super light and in-between) that a person can take, and maybe some more puzzles and riddles. Good job on the game and I look forward to your next creation.

Xwolfang responds:

Lost of thanks for your great review, you realy helped me solve those bugs, i feel embarrassed they slipped by.

About the the torches, there are some you can turn at the beginning for the player to get use to interacting with things, but latter afterward i use torches that light up automatically to act as guide to the player and discover things hidden in the darkness.

I plan to make a sequel when i have more experience under my belt, it will be a rouge like inside a labyrinth of dark corridors, were things change when light don't touch them, and choices of ideologies change the way you play.

I realy thanks you for taking the time to review my game, and don't worry, i will make sure the next one is much better.

The game was lagged to the point where i couldn't enjoy it but it seems nice though. I like the music and idea of the game.

I like atmosphere you created. Music + good character + location design works good together.
Not sure how intro text related to main hero(knight) or game setting(medieval castle).
Some help texts a bit blurred.
Loading so fast! Flixel is great :)
A bit boring after few minutes.

Xwolfang responds:

yes, the combat is not estelar, that why i made the game short,
about the setting, is actually a nightmare.

This game is great! Nothing more to say....................................................................................................... I made a game like this I thought was good....but after seeing this I understand its nothing compared to this game......

Xwolfang responds:

wow, your comment is very flattering, thank you!

Engaging and dark. It's frustrating how you can't walk over puddles or get stuck by a chair or crate. Also, are there controls to attack? You do have a sword.

Xwolfang responds:

There are, but you have to reach the arena for the game to put you in combat