Reviews for "Driving Force 2"

WOW. I am REALLY impressed with this game. Great job!

Trilling gameplay, epic music, the bosses could use different weapons to feel different and more levels.
Upgrade system and couple melodies will spice things up :3

This game was really fun. The repetitiveness could be cured simply by making the Bank robber a different person in his animation. Another thing I would add might be different enemy weapons instead of just a missile launcher. Maybe experiment with double lane roads or any roads besides just a straight lane. These would improve the game a lot, since what you already have is really good.

Very good, the graphics and effects are awesome.

Very nice game.
3 things.
- The sounds are overly compressed and much too loud. IMO at least give some volume control.
- only other downside is that it gets repetitive.
- I'm not a fan of the shaking "camera" but I get why you did it.