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Reviews for "Happy Birthday VicariousE!"

i hope he likes this movie
This movie was good and i liked it. what was the name of the song that was played during this movie? It was sang in Japanese. Keep it up

well, i know mr. VicariousE, (i met him in NG's pages recently) and he is an awesome guy, who likes his asterix...
so i know that he will enjoy this movie! :D

this was a magnificent and detailed tribute to one of the most legendary NG members, VicariousE, aka mr asterix, and this is a great animation that is honouring his name!
i loved the dancing/eating/punching gallois animations, and i was impressed by your great drawings of the drunk/dancing villagers, of the drunk roman legionnaires, the drawing of the egyptian dancing lady, or the drawing of ms agecanonix, (with the boobs visible, lol!), and in general the great use of your own drawings of many characters, combined with various asterix sprites, all of these formed a wonderful, majestic visual party, a truly great festival of music, animation, good drawings and clever use of jokes, all combined into a grand spectacle, honouring a good friend.

also: my favorite part(s) where the moment when the dancing wild-boar was partying, and then obelix spotted it, thus attacking it! it was funny.
and i LOVED all the moments with cacofonix, when he tried to rock-on, to set the epic mood for the party, it was really funny and awesome! :D

also, i noticed a few clocks, and BB10 was also there in the asterix party/feast!
thank you very much for the cameo!
it felt great!

overall, it was a great flash movie, and a good tribute to a good friend, and a great NG person.

you rock, yomuchan!
keep up the good work!

Dancing girls, amphoras and horns full of wine, wild boar turning on the banquet bonfire's spit, an uncharacteristically awesome guitar solo by Cacofonix.... what more could I want on my birthday?! Fucking totally awesome.

I'm really impressed and honored by this animation, which reportedly took a shit-ton of work, large amounts of powdery white stuff, and several cat-girl strippers to complete! There were a lot of objects in motion and effects rendered here and I'm really glad this made the Daily 5th, based on the obvious efforts expended.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Yomuchan, Newgrounds, www.forkheads.net, The Blackboot Undagrownds, ASP.net and The Colorado Mesa for putting all this together for me, on my 43rd birthday !1!!1!!!! You guys kick ass >:) I'll never forget this animation, for as long as I live.

This was a longer tribute than I expected, lotsa random, lotsa fun... and that crazy guitar solo. XD The simplest sprites have the biggest effect! Happy Birthday VicariousE! :D


Happy Birthday VicariousE!

Glad to see you're such an inspirational part of newgrounds and glad to call you my friend! Have a good one and hope you have a great 2016!!