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Reviews for "Limbo"

Lovely work :) I loved listening to it..

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

This is beautiful! Simply beautiful... Breath-taking emotion in this piece. It struck my heart. Thank you!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you, shoKawa! I wanted to put my focus on the emotional aspect. I didn't even have a melody when writing this piece. I just made sure that the emotions shine through dynamics, harmonics and atmopshere. I'm really glad to hear that it can indeed be heard and felt!

I simply closed my eyes and allowed the music wash over me. The rich arpeggios and dynamic contrasts, weaving together a beautiful musical tapestry, simply carried me along the ebb and flow. Six minutes that felt like a single moment.

And then I listened a second time, taking the time to read your Author Comments and smile at the thought of that temporarily neglected report...

Then once more for an encore as I jot down a few ephemeral thoughts for you, my friend. Thank you for the memory. :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Ahh, yes. I love just losing myself in what I'm listening to. I actually often just cover myself in my blanket, and lie there with headphones on and eyes closed. Simply listening to, and momentarily living through the music.

It's good to hear that the 6 minutes didn't feel dragged out. I've admired Phonometrologist's ability to write long tracks, that feel like a moment and like they end almost too quickly. I was a bit worried that the slow sections would bore many listeners out (and based on the score, it may have for some, but that's fine).

Ahh, yes. The report. It pains me to tell you that now; right now. I need to write it :'(
I am the worst and the laziest procrastinator out there, I think.

Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to such a long track, and for writing out your nice thoughts! It means a lot :3

You sir, are truly married to your craft. Evocative in every sense as a musician. I can feel the strength of this piece, as many others- but this really takes the cake. Such expression of the soul, painting on silence. Your work is like therapy when life gets tough. When I need to focus on my animation, there are only so many people in which I can resonate with art-wise. I've been slacking, sometimes questioning myself in the process, but the artists on NG reminds me why I'm doing what I do. It's the ultimate expression and reflection of the self, and so, so few people in this world have it. An amazing gift-- keep it safe, and keep it nourished.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I think I have a severe piano addiction. If I don't play it for a while, I get a physical need to do it. I've learned to control it some, especially if I'm going on vacation or something. But still, the struggle is real :p

Similarly, I can't be for too long without composing something. The good part is, I improve rather quickly because of this. I always like to put my emotions into music, especially if I get to play the piano for it. When inspiration comes, I don't hesitate to use it, even if I have other things I should do, unless it's extremely important.

"Your work is like therapy when life gets tough."

=> You have no idea how happy that line makes me. I'm truly happy if my music can help someone get through a tough day or a heavy moment in life. And I'm also honored if I or my creations can be even a slight bit of an inspiration for any kind of art or expression, or even life in general.

Thank you a great deal for all the nice words! I will definitely always keep on making music (well, as long as I live, at least. It may be difficult after that, but I can try!). That much is for certain.

I'm looking forward to that teaser of yours! :D

Well well, all is well... I really don't know what to say. There are a lot of neat things going on here for me... a lot of subtleties that I appreciate for example just the fact that you decided to loop this even after 6 minutes gives me a chuckle. The piano chords in the beginning and end really flow nicely. This piece is very dynamic. I admire your ability to just sit at the piano, improvise, and create works with such rich chords in a very short amount of time. I tend to have to sit with a particular piece for a while to figure out what the music is trying to tell me and what direction it's telling me to take. I'm not a very good listener but I'm learning.
I think I know which piece of mine you took as inspiration. I hear that Major Seventh chord and its cool that you resolve it in a way that is unique to you, e.g. at 4:16. I hear hints of Return, but this is a joy to listen to because it's only sips here and there while you have created something completely original. Love your string work to reinforce the piano. Maybe muddy at times but I don't care. The sound works great to wash over you to create an emotional response. I absolutely love that string effect at 3:25... I'm not even sure what it's called. That was a great decision. Overall, without going into detail, this would be considered a great cinematic piece in a retro style. At 4:23 I think of Tron, and in other moments such as in 6:02 I hear Clair de Lune.
Thank you for such honor.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

"I really don't know what to say."

=> You said all the right things ;)

As the name of the track is "Limbo", I think it's very important that it loops. It gives the piece some extra symbolic value :D
Now, whether the listener wants to listen again (if they even make it through the track once), is up to them :p

I'm glad to hear that the piece is dynamic, as that is what I went for.

As for coming up with chords quickly, it's a learned ability. I've always been lucky enough to know what sound I want, in most cases. I guess that I am good at listening to what the music wants to tell me, when I channel it through me. But these past years, actually finding that sound on the piano has become a faster process. I don't actually have a good sense of pitch, but it's getting better! I think that chords, melodies and atmospheres are my three most prominent strenghts in music.

Yeah, "Return" has definitely been a big inspiration, not only for this track, but for what music is to me, in general. I find myself returning to that track quite a lot. More than once a month, I'd say for sure (Lol, like 50 of the listens on that track are probably mine).

4:16 is indeed a good catch! It's a bit too close, actually, but I'm glad that's okay :)

I don't know what the string effect is called either. The funny thing is that the entire climax of the piece would look very bad as sheet music. Because the piano is completely separate from the world of rhythm and tempo, and the strings have to follow. But I was too lazy not to quantize them, as that would've taken forever. So instead I tried to trick the listener through dynamics, and by the sheer speed. But if you try to count the rhythm, you'll find that you lose it almost immediately every time!

I can see your references to Tron and Clair de Lune. Good catch!

You're welcome, and thank you ;)