Reviews for "Haxorus Pok├ęphlia (Nate)"



Actually, I'd personally find something cunt centered to be more interesting xP
Contrary to popular belief, women actually also like porn. And they're not just interested in oversized dicks xD Would have enjoyed seeing something like, if the Haxarous was female or something as well.

But yeah, I know the porn community is extremely cock obsessed so... :P
Anyhow, it looks rather good. Quite smooth, nice design and detail. Could be interesting to see if you ever give a poke at making something not exclusively, or primary male focused ;3

Though, if you just keep that up, do know you'll likely do a okay job at it. Nothing out of the ordinary so far though. I know the fandom likes repetition, but yeah, you do good quality, albeit monotone stuff. Which is overall nice. As quite many don't manage the "good quality" part hehe~

Hottest yaoi bj animation i've ever seen. Please make more. *3*

This was amazing, I cant wait for more. ^_^