Reviews for "Haxorus Pok├ęphlia (Nate)"

This is awesome

The animation is really well done, but why did it have to be a Pokemon? ._.
I would have much preferred it if that cutie was raped by an older guy (or multiple^^)

Overall nice art and solid animation. I prefer this one to the Hilda one because of the short hair.
That said it would have been nice if there were something exclusive to each version. Like maybe having Hilda give a tit job and Nate swallowing, but that's really just nitpicking.

"Don't watch this unless you're a women or gay." What is that? A challenge? I'm watching this anyway!

(my fucking god i must've been high when i reviewed this the first time) there's not much to say here same beautiful smooth 5 star animation for those who swing a different way