Reviews for "Lead and Shrooms"

Really good! Smooth animation and a thoughful little story.
Nice focus on real life objects too. Uzi and that BMW, looked really good.
I was missing some trippy music on that bad shroom trip, but it's alright. It didn't needed it per se.
You did great, hope you do more like these trippy drugs shoot-outs.

Great Animation! For those of you who are confused about the story. The character was tripping off the shrooms he found, it was all an illusion! Or I can be wrong.

maxypoo responds:

The answer lies within

Hey, good job man...very cinematic.

Wow, this was really cool...and wierd, in a good way. And you really managed to scare me a few times. Thumbs up!

It was kind of creepy, but dang it I loved it, the animations are so smooth also are the drawings !
Concerning the story, I didn't understood shit but if someone have analyzing skills, I would glad to read it please !