Reviews for "Lead and Shrooms"

This animation standard is honestly astounding. Maybe during the running segments it loses a tad bit of quality but any time someone was handling the gun of the camera movement changed i was honestly blown away.

I wander what made you design the character like so? Did you think the gross babylike aesthetic (Which reminds me of the guy from human centipede 2) Would make us neither think of him as a hero or villain? When used in the trippy sequences it made sense but when compared to the real life gunmen it sort of looks... weird.

Either way, great job! Can't wait to look at your other stuff!

maxypoo responds:

Thanks mrshaw

A good animation and with a story that's all juxtaposed, but I have a lot of dark souls to know that piecing this together shouldn't be too hard.

Hoodie guy (H.G) Is being driven out to the woods for execution and the killers gun jams. H.G runs for it and escapes. He gets hungry and eats some shrooms. Now I'm guessing he beats his killer to death with a rock. Then when Mr Uzi and his dog come along H.G now with the killers gun kills them, drops it and wanders off. It's about now that the trip wears off and he pukes the mushroom out. He wanders back an picks up the gun he has discarded and finds the killer. Dead by his hand, then he comes across Mr Uzi and the dog. He believes it's all over when shotgun guy comes along. Which results in H.G going for the Uzi. shotgun guy tries to sneak up on him but he's blasted as the last hallucinogenic leaves his body and H.G is the last man standing.

Ok so how did I do?

maxypoo responds:

You got it! Thanks for your support

Has a lot of replay value.

maxypoo responds:


OMG It's Babidi at 0:30

This piece is not good whatsoever. It is very bloody and disgusting. It makes NO sense. I have no idea what I just watched and what it meant. If you were my student, I would give you a F-.